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Daniela Labra (Santiago de Chile) founded Zait in 2020. She is a writer, lecturer, art critic and visual arts curator. Graduated in Theater Theory from Uni-Rio. PhD in History and Art Criticism from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with the thesis: International legitimization of Brazilian Art, analysis of a trajectory: 1940-2010, winner of the Gilberto Velho Prize for theses, 2015. Postdoctoral Researcher at the UFRJ School of Communication, 2016.

She works mainly with Brazilian art, Latin American historical and aesthetic processes, performance, art and politics. Arts critic in Jornal O Globo (2014-2016). She collaborates with publications and institutions such as SESC São Paulo, Revista Select, Revista Concinnitas UERJ, Arts of the Working Class, nGbK Berlin, and others.


Selected projects: Lygia Clark & Franz Erhard Walther, Handlung als Skulptur/ Action as Sculpture, FEW Villa, Fulda, DE, 2023-24; Ana Mendieta Silhueta Em Fogo I terra abrecaminhos, SESC Pompéia, SP, 2023-24; museo de la democracia, nGbK, Berlin, 2021; Frestas Trienal 2017: Entre Pós-Verdades e Acontecimentos, SESC Sorocaba, São Paulo; Festival Performance Arte Brasil, MAM Rio de Janeiro, 2011, and others.

Member of the artistic board of MAM São Paulo.

She lives and works between Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.

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